Center for Water Resources Conservation and Development (WARECOD)

The Center for Water Resources Conservation and Development is a non-profit organization established under the auspices of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA). It aims to improve lives and livelihoods of riverine communities, encourage the balanced use of water resources, and make the public aware of the negative impacts of dams and destructive river development projects on local communities. In doing so, it works through a community development program, research projects and the Vietnam Rivers Network.

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Center for Sustainable Development of Water Resources and Adaptation to Climate Change (CEWAREC)

CEWAREC is an independent organiaation. It specializes in the fields of water resources and climate change researches, services of science and technology, and international cooperation. CEWAREC has experts in water and related resources, economics, sociology and social anthropology, and also welcomes collaboration with researchers in other fields. It has experience of working with multilateral and bilateral government and non-governmental agencies. CEWAREC has particular experience of working in Vietnam and Mekong Region countries.

Consultancy on Development (CODE)

CODE specializes in projects where cooperation between the State, business and civil society is required. It focuses on government programs and business investments in natural resources exploitation, especially in the mining, hydropower and industrial plantation sectors. CODE's approach is to link different stakeholders and strengthen shared responsibility between them with regard to societal concerns. It takes an integrated approach to its work comprising research, policy analysis, lobbying and advocacy, and partner capacity building. CODE is based in Hanoi and works throughout Vietnam and the broader Mekong Region.

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Department of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (DEWRE), Can Tho University

The Department of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering at Can Tho University, located in the centre of the Mekong Delta, supports a diversity of scientists and technicians with expertise in environmental engineering, environmental management, renewable energy, hydraulic engineering and civil engineering. It conducts teaching, research, and consultancies, with emphasis on environmental-related issues and on hydraulic planning, design, construction and management.

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Institute of Tropical Biology (ITB)

The Institute of Tropical Biology at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology is located in Ho Chi Minh City, and was founded in 1993. ITB is a research and training organization in the field of integrated biodiversity conservation and community development in Vietnam. Its multi-disciplinary team of scientists span conservation, biotechnology, ecological engineering and social sciences.

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National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy (NISTPASS)

The National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy is a research organization under the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam.

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